Photo by Bill Beard

Photo by Bill Beard


In the summer of 2018 I teamed up with a group of talented broadcasters to create an online service that would not only give us the opportunity and platform to share the music we love, but to also create a full-time schedule of programs hosted by jazz lovers from anywhere they may be. Jazz is a giant sandbox and Jazzcast is a space where those who dig the music can play and be heard.

Photo by  Justin Morris

Photo by Justin Morris

Unto This House
, The Exhibition (Summer 2019)

The idea was simple. I asked documentary photographer Justin Morris to help me tell the story of my family through intimate photographs that would examine multiple generations - the manifestation of my parents, Ed and Eva Bailey’s, journey to Canada from Jamaica. The collection would form an integral part of a family’s mythology. But after seeing Justin’s 2015 Femme Affrancies series, depicting a Congolese congregation fervently worshipping, we saw the opportunity to tell a broader, more complex and poetic story of faith.

The two groups of photos tell separate but related stories of bodies moving from one land to another, oftentimes with faith as the only guide and companion. The stories depicted in the images of Femme Affrancies are an outward manifestation of faith, that often requires surrender. These images, juxtaposed among portraits of a real family, are intimate, close, and in lockstep with hope and belief. They tell two stories that run parallel, sometimes intersect and are at points seemingly at odds.

Alongside the photos, audio montage, prose, and a site specific immersive meditation on family, hold together to tell an instantly relatable story of how family, belief, love, community create the foundation for many stories of migration.


I’ve Known Rivers: Canada on the Harlem Renaissance
with the Toronto Public Library

I’ve Known Rivers is a five-part podcast written, hosted and produced by me, in partnership with the Toronto Public Library. The series features deep, personal conversations with award winning authors Lawrence Hill, Dionne Brand, George Elliott Clarke, Olive Senior and Esi Edugyan on the influence of the authors who took part in the movement that became a defining moment in black literature; the Harlem Renaissance. The works of Langston Hughes, W.E. Dubois, Zora Neale Hurston, Jean Toomer, Nellie Larsen all revisited, contextualized and contemplated through the lens of Canada’s finest authors.


Pop Sandbox

It’s always an adventure with Pop Sandbox. They are a boutique publishing and multimedia company that has a boldly creative and forward thinking approach to storytelling, from telling the story of the world’s most notorious bike thief, Igor Kenk through the graphic novel Kenk! to the environmental conscious video game Pipe Trouble. In 2018 the producers approached me to write, produce and be the voice of their latest project. Shhh, details are underwraps for now, but more information will roll out in the spring of 2019.